01. Production of the new toy was [halted] when it was discovered that the toy could easily break, and injure a child.
02. We [halted] our journey at a pub in order to have supper.
03. Production at the factory was [halted] when one of the machines broke down.
04. The elevator [halted] at the first floor.
05. The limousine [halted] outside the nightclub.
06. The vehicles [halted] at a road block set up to check for illegal drug smuggling.
07. The officer shouted "[Halt]!" to the soldiers.
08. A serious traffic accident [halted] traffic in the downtown core for over an hour.
09. The soldiers came to a [halt] at the crossroads.
10. It is difficult to [halt] the cycle of abuse within a family.
11. The continuing conflict between the Armenians and Azeris in Azerbaijan has [halted] foreign investment in the country.
12. The government of Algeria has planted rows of trees in an area known as the Green Barrier, in an effort to [halt] the spread of the desert.
13. In 1973, American bombing raids in Cambodia ended, marking an official [halt] to 12 years of fighting in Indochina.
14. The Olympic Games were so important to the ancient Greeks that all wars on Greek territory were [halted] to allow athletes to travel safely to Olympia in order to participate.
15. Efforts at economic reform in the Republic of the Congo came to a [halt] in June 1997 when civil war erupted.
16. R. I. Rees once suggested that education is a continuous process ending only when ambition comes to a [halt].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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